Technical information

  1. The artwork should be made and delivered in vector form in CDR, AI, PDF or EPS format.
  2. If a bitmap is included in the artwork, it should be in CMYK colors and 300dpi resolution.
  3. All texts should be converted into curves.
  4. If an accurate color reproduction (+/- 1 shade) is expected, the color should come from the PANTONE Matching System® palette for coated papers. Print from CMYK or RGB colors may be different from the expected.
  5. To make sure that the text is legible, please do not use letters lower than 1 mm in height.
  6. The artwork should have bleeds and safe margins, the size of which is described in the templates.
  7. We recommend flattening graphic effects, e.g. lenses, shadow, transparency or blending mode, which can be misinterpreted by different programs or devices.

The artwork must have bleeds, which means that the background of the artwork must be extended beyond the edge of the designed item, otherwise white unprinted stripes may appear on the finished product. The size of bleeds is described in the templates of each item, e.g. for lanyards it is 1.5 mm at the top and bottom of the tape.

Elements placed too close to the edge may be cut off. We recommend using a safe margin for important graphic elements such as logos. The size of safe margins is described in the templates of items, e.g. for lanyards it is 1.5 mm from the edge of the tape.

During the design process everyone uses the fonts installed in their computer. When we receive the artwork, it’s highly probable that we do not have the font used in the artwork and then the text is printed in an alternate font. Before sending the artwork we recommend converting all texts to curves.

Using too large values of color components will blur the print. For black background color or text, we recommend using only black component color C0/M0/Y0/K100.

Description of templates


The background is the printing area covering the entire item plus so-called “bleed” that guarantees printing of the entire material. As a background you can use a single-color fill, a gradient, a bitmap, or build it from any graphic elements.

Safe printing area

The place where the graphic will always be visible, it will not be cut, stitched or broken. We recommend placing the logo and other important graphic elements in the safe printing area.


The line of additional background area extended beyond the edge of the item to guarantee printing of the entire material.

The edge of an item

The physical size line of a finished product.

Safe margin

The line marking the edge of the safe printing area.


Stitching line.